Resources for HPCF Users

The contents in this section will help you get up and running on our maya computing cluster.

Below is a list of software packages which have been installed by HPCF at some time, but may not be ready to use on maya. Some packages may not have been tested recently by user support, and the instructions may be out of date.  We ask that you contact user support if there are any issues or errors in theses pages.

Tutorial: Compiling and running C programs

Read through this tutorial to get started writing programs (both serial and parallel) on the cluster. Even though these focus specifically on the C programming language, they discuss some fundamential issues such as how to interact with the scheduler, so all users should read them first.

Other Languages and Hardware

Other programming languages available on the cluster.

Other Packages

Other packages available on the cluster.

Domain specific (e.g. computational chemistry and biology)


Libraries available on the cluster, which can be used in your code.

Parallel programming (besides MPI)


  • netCDF
  • HDF4
  • HDF5
  • szip


General Productivity

Tips for working productively on maya.