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How to run VMD on maya


To run the Visual Molecular Dynamics (VMD) software on maya Load the module

[araim1@maya-usr1 ~]$ module load vmd/1.9.2 

then run the command

[araim1@maya-usr1 ~]$ vmd

To use VMD’s graphical interface, you must set up an X11 connection.

VMD tries to tailor its display to your local graphics hardware. We have seen a problem on some Macs, where the display flickers to the point of being unusable. Setting the VMDDISABLESTEREO environment variable in your terminal before running VMD may address the problem
[araim1@maya-usr1 ~]$ VMDDISABLESTEREO=1 
[araim1@maya-usr1 ~]$ export VMDDISABLESTEREO