Active Galactic Nuclei Research

Eileen Meyer, Department of Physics.
Markos Georganopoulos, Department of Physics.
Mary Keenan, Department of Physics.
Karthik Reddy, Department of Physics.
Agniva RoyChowdhury, Department of Physics.
Aamil Shaik, Department of Physics.

The AGN research group is headed by PIs Dr. Eileen Meyer and Dr. Markos Georganopoulos. The scientists and their graduate students are primarily investigating the phenomenon of relativistic plasma jets from super-massive black holes. These jets are some of the most energetic events in the Universe, and much about their physical origins and conditions are unexplained. Two of the projects which will be using the HPC include a large-scale population synthesis simulation of jets to understand the link between the total jet kinetic power and the jet speed, and a project which is investigating the relationship between radio and X-ray emission in jets to better understand where the high-energy (X-ray) emission originates.