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Modifying Jobs

Modify jobs prior to execution


Using the scontrol command, you can make changes to jobs while the job is running or pending in queue. For instance, to increase a job’s time limit – apparently as it approaches its initial submission deadline. Although, some SLURM directives cannot be updated during runtime. GPU , node, and memory allocations are examples of these.

$ scontrol update jobid=<jobid> timelimit=<new timelimit>

The format set is minutes, minutes:seconds, hours:minutes:seconds, days-hours, days-hours:minutes or days-hours:minutes:seconds.

Cancel jobs

To cancel a specific job:

scancel $JobID

To cancel all jobs owned by a user

scancel -u $USER
Controlling jobs

Prevent a pending job from being started:

scontrol hold $JobID

Release a previously held job (scontrol hold`):

scontrol release $JobID

To requeue (cancel and rerun) a particular job:

scontrol requeue $JobID