Accessing Hue using the Big Data Cluster

What is Hue?

Hue is a mature open-source SQL Assistant for querying Databases & Data Warehouses and collaborating.

How to access hue on the big data cluster

Prerequisite: Please follow the instructions here on how to Accessing the Web UI for Hadoop

Note: In the meantime, the cluster administrator will have to provide users the login credentials to access the Hue UI and other UIs(i.e Cloudera Manager). Click here to submit a request.

Step 1: Visit the URL: http://worker2.hdp-internal:8889/hue/ on the Firefox browser.


Step 2: Input username and password provided by the cluster administrator, this is NOT your UMBC ID.

Step 3: The page below is loaded, it means a user has access to the Hue platform.

The other functions and capabilities of Hue can be found on the official Hue documentation page.