Topology optimization for Additive manufacturing and null balancing

Soobum Lee, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Myung Kyun Sung, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Kangsoo Lee, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Topology optimization is the one of the powerful design tools in structural engineering field. In topology optimization, given boundary conditions and material properties, an engineer can obtain the best shape of the structures. Additive manufacturing is the one of the hottest issue recently, because of development of 3D printing industry. Especially in additive manufacturing, lots of questions are arising about how to apply the topology optimization. Already some researchers are applied topology optimization to minimize the supporting material and to save the potential weight without reduction of the original performance. Also to make the product perfectly, topology optimization could be the answer. Also topology optimization can give the answer for specific geometric problem. One is the maximizing the displacement. When we disassemble the scale, we can see the balance component that check the balance. It is a kind of lever which using the displacement. By applying topology optimization, we can get the new shape lever.