Remote Sensing and In Situ Measurements of Aerosol and Cloud Properties

J. Vanderlei Martins, PI, Associate Professor, Physics Department and JCET
Lorraine Remer, Research Scientist, JCET
Roberto Fernandez-Borda, Research Scientist, JCET
Li Zhu, PhD Student, Physics Department
Gergely Dolgos, PhD Student, Physics Department
Steven Buczkowski, PhD Student, Physics Department
Reed Espinosa, PhD Student, Physics Department
Adriana Rocha Lima, PhD Student, Physics Department

The Laboratory for Aerosols, Clouds and Radiation (LACO) at UMBC is generating large data sets of remote sensing data from satellite and aircraft measurements for the study of the interaction between aerosols and clouds and its effects on climate change and weather. LACO has designed and built several instruments that are currently flying on NASA aircrafts and should eventually become satellite payloads. The LACO remote sensing data includes multi spectral, hyper angular, and polarization images that provide large detail on the microphysical properties of aerosol and cloud particles. This data will be analyzed with
customized algorithms that will retrieve these microphysical properties based on raw radiance images collected from aircraft or satellite platforms.