Evaluating Accumulo as a Distributed Semantic Web Triple Store

Tim Finin, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Anupam Joshi, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Steve Troxell, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering


Semantic Web technologies provide a new approach to to creating, accessing and using distributed, open knowledge using sophisticated knowledge representation concepts coupled with common Web languages and protocols.  Since the amount of knowledge available in this form is already large (tens of billions of facts) and expected to grow rapidly, it is important to develop tools that can work at “Web scale”.

This project will evaluate parallel approaches to storing, managing and querying Semantic Web data in RDF in a cloud computing environment. Specifically, we will use a set of benchmark datasets to evaluate Accumulo, a distributed key/value store modeled after Google’s BigTable, as a store for distributed RDF data when used with an environment provided by Apache Hadoop and Apache Zookeeper.